My dear Oma

Today we are truly celebrating the amazing life of Frieda Goetz. This amazing woman who is my oma, is also an oma to 13 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren whom you see here today.

It all started with Oma and Opa.

From her hot fresh buns aka“swibach” to her homemade jelly, platz or “struddel”(so my husband calls it) growing up I can still smell the fresh buns each and every time I walked through the door of their house, cabin or apartment, and your mouth would water instantly.

You knew that when you went to oma and opas place, you would get fed. From farmer sausage to her borsht, she refused to let you leave empty handed.

I remember when I moved out of my parents place, and I would go there for dinner, and she would be so concerned that I didn’t have enough food, so she would send me packing with all sorts of goodies each and every time.

Oma would make sure all of us kids were taken care, as she would occationally sneak a 20 dollar bill in your pocket behind opas back or add an extra a bag of candy to your purse.

As I grew up I watched my Oma be so active. From the workout equipment in her apartment to her love for walking, even if in her later years she walked the hallways of their apartment. She always enjoyed her morning walks around the bay in Belair, and walks after supper. Whether or not she was afraid of encountering a bear during these cabin walks, you really couldn’t tell, because she always had her walking stick with her that would for sure keep them at bay…. “so she would tell us.”

Fast forward to a couple years ago, it felt so natural to tell her about the marathon that I was going to be running or the competition that I was training for. So when I explained to oma that I was running “exercise classes” she was always so excited to hear that I was helping other woman be healthy and she wished that she could still be more active, so she always told me, “you go exercise for me, I will be watching”.

I want to share with you one of my fondest memories that I have with her.

Now I have to say, there are hundreds of childhood memories I have of my Oma, but this memory comes from only last year. As I became an adult, I truly appreciated each and every visit with her more and more. This particular day was the day before she was going for a major surgery. It was a beautiful sunny day out and I knew that she wouldn’t be walking to much after this surgery, so we decided to go for a walk outside. We didn’t talk much but rather walked for almost an hour enjoying the hot sun and the smell of fresh air in the middle of may. She spoke of how much she had missed her long walks because it had gotten so hard for her with all of her surgeries over the years and how it was so nice to be outside. It reminded her of her walks at the cabin and how she loved the freedom of being active. After that walk with her I never ever took my health for granted again. I finally understood how strong she had been over the years and loved how she truly loved to spend time with us even though she grew tired.

This woman who is our Oma, has left a legacy.

I can tell you that it was because of her wisdom.

I can tell you that it was because of her strength.

I can tell you that it was because of everything she had seen in the last 82 years.

I can tell you that it was because of her faith.

My oma cared about everyone around her and loved her family each and every moment. She never got tired of seeing us, she always welcomed us into her home and she couldn’t wait until we returned.

Her smile, her poise, her grace and definitely her faith is what keeps me so strong and knowing that I have had the chance to have her by my side and influence me for 38 years.

She taught me that Life is so much more then losing weight and feeling skinny, or something superficial. She has taught me to never take anything for granted and to appreciate the gift of being healthy or simply being able to walk and move freely.

She left a legacy of stories, of love and of hope. She inspired all of the woman and girls in our family and taught others to enjoy the moments that we do have on earth.

If you take a look at all those quilts that she made for all of us grandchildren and great grandchildren, each and every stitch that was sown represents every moment that she loved us and prayed for us. She taught us that there is so much more after we leave but it is important to make an impression on those around us, because it says so much about our character.

I was once told by someone much older and very wise, ” you have a special gift, the person that you are now and the person that you will grow into will do so much more. You have a way of making others feel good about themselves and that’s not a skill, it’s something you have inside of you.”

I have to say that it comes from what I have learnt from Oma.

She taught us to Go out and tell the world who we are by leaving behind our wisdom, our honesty, our kindness, and our graciousness and not to focus on what we have. She taught us to love our families and to stick together and Never stray from God and always have faith.

Just over a month ago, her and I sat and enjoyed a cup of tea together and dessert from the kitchen downstairs.

We exchanged small talk and lots of smiles.

She stopped me and told me this,

“ Christina you are to busy. I want you to slow down and take care of your family. I want you to hug those children each day more then once and never forget to do this.

Always take time for your family and never let yourself get to busy for anyone important in your life.

This life goes so fast and you need to enjoy those that that look up to you and depend on you. You are an amazing woman for taking 3 children to love as your own and to now be a great mother to 5 beautiful children. Enjoy them always and love your husband each day❤”

So I want to leave you with this:

‘I hope that I see the world as you did

cause I know, a life with love is a life thats been lived You are an angel in the shape of my grandmother When I fell down you’d be there to lift me up

Spread your wings as you go

When God takes you back

He’ll say Hallelujah you’re home.’

Love you Oma ❤️🌸


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