Focus on leaving a legacy

Sunday thoughts:

While visiting this beautiful woman today I realized something so powerful and I wanted to share this with you all.

Life is so much more then losing weight and feeling skinny, or something superficial.

Our bodies are here for only the time we have on earth, so focus on respecting your bodies instead of perfecting it.

This woman who is my Oma has left a legacy and I can tell you that it was because of her wisdom. It was because she has cared about everyone around her and loves her family each and every moment. She may be tired but she smiles every time I see her.

Her smile and her poise and her grace and definitely her faith is what keeps me so strong and knowing that I have had the chance to have her by my side and influence who I am for the last 38 and half years.

As I hold her hand I see so much life that she has lived and so much grace that she has had.

So go out and do this each day:

Hear are my wishes for each of you.

I want to leave a legacy of stories, of love and hope. I want to inspire others to enjoy the moments that we do have here on earth.

There’s so much more after we leave but it is important to make an impression on those around us, because it says so much about our character. I was once told by someone much older and very wise, ” you have a special gift, the person that you are now and the person that you will grow into will do so much more. You have a way of making others feel good about themselves and that’s not a skill, it’s something you have inside of you.”

We are all special and have so much to offer, never stop learning, never stop trying to help one other and always do your best at making someone smile.

There can be many reasons why you are here, but figuring out what your destiny is, what your future holds, all takes time. Some people figure out their gifts early in life and others 50 years later.

So do something.


Go out there and tell the world who you are. Because when we die we may leave things behind that were valuable to us. But instead look at it this way. Leave behind your wisdom, your honesty, your kindness, graciousness of who you were.

Tell someone today how much they mean to you, and let them know you value them.

Raising people up and giving back in kind words and actions are not done enough. Make someone feel like they are the center of your world, do this to many.

Let someone know this,

‘ Because of you I never gave up ‘

Our lives are way to short, we only have so much time to leave a legacy. So leave moments that will forever mark a stamp on other hearts.💖

This woman is my Oma, and she is one amazing and beautiful woman.



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