Celebrate being a mom

Fellow mommas’ You need to celebrate being a mother’🙌🏻🗣 

It’s the end of the week and you are exhausted. 
I watched this video and decided that I was a good enough mom(you need to watch this to understand what I mean).

Ps I posted the video on my Backcountry Fitness & Conditioning on Facebook.

It important to know that you can’t do everything, you can’t get to everything or every one, you can’t do everything.
But somehow, at the end of the day things are still racing through our heads of all the tasks to do. We get them done on the in organized fashion we do, but they get done one by one.
But somehow as a mom, we feel like we are failing on daily, if not hourly basis. 

If we aren’t forgetting lunches to appointments, we are getting stressed out and impatient, we feel like we just can’t do it all. 
Can you stop doing something for me right now ?
Can’t you stop beating yourself up on the inside for everything that you DON’T accomplish in a day and literally(if you have to) start writing down the things that you do DO right?
Can stop and say I am good enough in the things that I do as a mother, a wife, and a working mom. Can you look in the mirror, at your reflection and simply love the mom that your children see?
See my 3 year old little girl, nor my 11 year old pre teen care at all about how I feel in my jeans, what kind of day I am having or how everything is going the wrong way. 
Think about if there was a recorder in your brain to record any negative thoughts that we as moms have day in and day out. 
‘I am NOT good enough’
‘I just CAN’T get through to my teen’
‘I HATE how I look’
‘Why CAN’T I just have my life together like the other moms?’
If we took the negative thoughts(NOT,CAN’T, or HATE) that we record in our heads day in and day out and turned those into positive:
‘I am DOING much better then I thought I would under all this stress’
‘I know I AM encouraging my teen and I will continue to stick by him’
‘I am not perfect, but I AM happy with my progress’
‘I know I am late sometimes, and make some mistakes but I am a GOOD enough mom for my kids’
Positive thoughts and words from within come from strength. So get into the habit of giving yourself some WELL DESERVED CREDIT!
You are all amazing moms and you are doing it. You ARE a mom, you ARE a wife(or single mom), and you ARE a working or stay at home mom. 
Embrace your journey because this life of small children and messy houses doesn’t last for ever. 

Be thankful for those little moments that make you smile and laugh out loud because those are the memories that you will remember. 

In 30 years you will not be able to understand why the small things that feel impossible now, we’re even anything important.
Ps you are doing your best, give yourself a huge pat on the back, grab a glass of wine and help me cheers ALL of you !!
And that simply YOU are the best mom for each of your kids and they should be so LUCKY to have you❤️

❤️Moms be kind to yourself 
Christina 💪🏻😘


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