5 ways of Discovering your fitness side

On a Thursday afternoon while shopping at Superstore, I was feeling good.  My accomplishment for the day was leaving the house and my hair was actually done.  Raising 5 kids will take alot out of you, literally.
The moment I get home I usually change into my ‘comfy pants(sporting leopard print lately), and go about my day. But when I leave the house [as we live in the country on a farm] I try to look ‘presentable’.
But this particular day I was feeling rather pretty because I had just got my hair done that day before.  So after a rather relaxing date with myself at Superstore and no kids, I pull in to the check out line.  Still feeling good, I glance over to the usual magazine collection that always catches my eye. As always, I fix my eyes over to the fitness magazine.


This picture was taken the morning of my photo shoot before hair and makeup:)

Suddenly,  I don’t feel that great anymore.

This newest girl on the cover has defined arms, a tight tummy and the list could go on.
It took one of many photoshoped cover girls to set off my day.
As we walk by ‘those’ magazines it seems to makes us feel bad about our self confidence and our own worth because that is what the world defines as ‘FIT’.
Do people not know that these models train for years following a strict diet and fitness routine, and will train for months just to model for that cover? And, to top it all off those photos are cropped, touched up, blemish free, and ‘perfect’ in the world’s eyes.  But it doesnt stop at the cover model, she usually has an article about herself or one of her many picture perfect workouts ?
So how am I supposed to feel good about myself and about my fitness level if our world is showing a  picture perfect image of fitness??
Why is it so important that our outer appearance can have more of an impact then our inner health, strength and beauty?

Why are we defined as an object, or better a Statue?

When I created my program, Pounding the Rock Project,  my idea behind this Project was to see and love yourself in YOUR best form.
The idea is NOT to become a fitness model, not to surrender everything you have to look like that girl on the cover page. Please don’t take this the wrong way but I think those girls are beautiful and speaking from experience  know how hard it is to get into that kind of shape.
But what seems like a impossible idealistic view
of what so many long for, why don’t we create our own version of ‘ the cover model’.
So for anyone who is entering a personal goal of improving your health and fitness,  GOOD FOR YOU!!
You have made the first step!!

5 ways to keep your fitness goals realistic and healthy:

1.) Start off by setting a personal GOAL.  Write it down.

2.) Pick a sport or recreational activity that you enjoy doing. Getting fit does not essentially mean that you have to work out for hours in the gym, but get outside, JOIN a fitness class, make it fun!

3.) Take out your calender and pick out how many days per week (be realistic) that you will dedicate to working out. Pick  a VARIETY of different activities and always be open to trying different types of exercises or activities so that you don’t get bored and give up.

4.) Have FUN with it!! Working out is hard for a lot of people.  But it doesn’t have to be aweful.  For those of us that live in Manitoba,  strap a pair of skates on, or go snow shoeing and ENJOY getting fit.

5.) Last but not least, SET real goals for yourself.  Every one is built differently,  and we all start from somewhere.  Marathoners, hockey players and even fitness models are not built over night.

So as I looked through those magazines on the rack,  I enjoy the fitness tips and new exercises, but I try to appreciate who I am on a day to day basis instead of just judging myself up against an image.
I put the magazine down and unloaded all of my healthy groceries and yes,  even kept that kit kat bar that I reconsidered twice after browsing through that fitness magazine.  Even after all of the negative thoughts that raced through my head, the trip to superstore ended up very successful when the cashier complimented me on my hair and I went about my day.

When Michaelangelo had a idea in his head  on how to create the famous statue of David, he started with a huge piece of granite.
As he worked to create this statue he began to chip away all of the pieces that didn’t belong. But I am sure along the way he changed his mind and his view of what he wanted that statue to look like.
So in the end under all that Granite, that statue was always there.

All you have to do is decide what you want and start by chipping away everything from your life that doesn’t fit.

‘Inspiring lives, one body at a time’.


Note:This is an unedited shot from my last Photoshoot to just show the real me for a day.